Sandy Finnerty Memorial

Inscription reads:
"This Sculpture is dedicated to the
Memory of Miss Sandy Finnerty
And in Celebration of Her 32 Years
if Teaching The Children of Cannon Falls.
June 1, 2001"

Myron "Mike" Johnson Memorial Art Donation
The two blue strips represent the Little Cannon River and the Cannon River coming together in Cannon Falls.

Miss Roz Rydeen Memorial Reading Loft

Miss Roz Rydeen Memorial Reading Loft
Inscription reads:

"This reading loft was donated

by the family of Miss Roz Rydeen in

memory and celebration of her 34 years

of teaching the children of Cannon Falls"

                                                         September 3, 2002

Sally Bowen
Sally Bowen Memorial Seating Area
Inscription reads:
"In Memory of Sally Bowden A Cannon Falls

Elementary  Teacher From


Helen M. Klefstad Memorial
Inscription reads:
"Joyful Empowerment by Angela Mia De la Vega given in memory of Helen M. Klefstad"

Frank Hawks Field
JV Baseball Field

The field is located in on the west
side of the athletic complex behind the High School.

Jack Foster Memorial Chair

Jack Foster Memorial Chair

Inscription reads:

"In Loving Memory of Jack Foster"

4-7-98   6-15-06

Jack's Place

Inscription on nearby plaque reads:

"Picnic table dedicated in memory of Jack Foster


Bell dedicated to Pam Reinke, 2013

Pam Reinke Bell
Inscription reads:
"This bell is dedicated in memory of Pam Reinke and her 26

years of service to Cannon Falls Elementary School.

May 2013"