Approved Program Requests (2019-2020)

The Cannon Falls Education Foundation budget for funding programs is based on the fund-raising efforts from the previous year. For the 2019-2020 school year, our budget for creative and innovative projects is $83,000. We have already contributed $50,000 as part of a 3 year commitment to the school district for classroom upgrades, but there is still money left over due to amazing fundraising and community contributions throughout the year. $33,000 is the remaining balance we have in our budget for projects and programs to be awarded 

In addition to the budgeted programs, the Cannon Falls Education Foundation accepts directed donations. We're approached by community members, organizations, and businesses with a donation for a specific project. When these projects meet our criteria of providing creative and innovative experiences for students in the Cannon Falls School District and have support from the school staff, the donations are accepted and used to fund the project.

The approved projects listed below are funded from our annual program budget and directed donations:

 Project      Grades  Amount  
 Classroom Upgrades  Schoolwide  $50,000
 Document Camera 4th  $199
 Eagle Bluff Trip 4th $2,500
 Early Childhood Motor Room  PreK-2 $646.48
 Handbells Music 6th-12th $6,679
 John Baylor Test Prep 7th - 12th $5,400
 Camera & Lens 6th - 12th $500
 Document Cameras 4th  $644.97
 Vertical Endeavors Field Trip 3rd $1360
 Author Visit Elementary School $900
 Fur Trade Presentation 6th $400
 Body Worlds Exhibit 11th & 12th $313.13
 Projector and Large Screen  Elementary School  $10,000
 Robotics Kits  2nd  $2,579.40
 Distance Learning Hot Spots  K - 12 $1,800
 TOTAL 2019-2020     $83,921.98