Approved Program Requests (2018-2019)

The Cannon Falls Education Foundation budget for funding programs is based on the fund-raising efforts from the previous year. For the 2018-2019 school year, our budget for creative and innovative projects is $83,000. We have already contributed $50,000 as part of a 3 year commitment to the school district for classroom upgrades, but there is still money left over due to amazing fundraising and community contributions throughout the year. $33,000 is the remaining balance we have in our budget for projects and programs to be awarded in the 2018-2019 school year.

 Program Allocations 2018-2019    
 Programming Sphero Ollie - J Miller - 6th & 7th grade  $1,500.00
 Acoustical Solutions Panel - P Duggan - 5th  thru 12th grade  $5,530.96  
 Ukulele Integration - M Braun - K thru 5th grade   $2,200.00  
 Eagle Bluff Learning Center - L Wolter - 4th grade
 Vertical Endeavors Field Trip  - M Hoffman - 3rd grade  $1,500.00  
 Fur Trade Presentation - M Klapperich - 6th grade   $400.00  
 Windmill Project - M Klapperich - 6th grade   $300.00  
 5th Grade Kindness Retreat  $2,500.00  
 Self Defense Class  $2,000.00  
 CNC Vertical Milling Machine  $14,276.15  
 Upgrade - Classroom, Electronic, Seating $50,000.00   
 TOTAL 2018-2019 year  $83,707.13